Local Decatur IL Dish Network Satellite TV Service

We are an authorized Satellite internet retailer and sell Decatur Illinois satellite internet services from Exede, as well as DSL and cable broadband internet service. We are excited to now offer our valued customers TV as well; including Dish Network.

Your Dish Network and Internet are Becoming One!
Ask us about bundling your TV and internet into one convenient bill. With the new Hopper DVR you can now connect to Wi-Fi. This gives you the ability to watch TV on the go, schedule recordings remotely and even access awesome apps like Netflix and games. As a natural co-service in your home we can now offer Decatur Cable residents 1080p digital TV through Dish TV Service and even 3D programming. We will be happy to check your address for the best deal and best price for high speed internet connection and television service availability. Call us today for an internet and Dish TV service quote in Decatur IL.

Local Dish TV Service Deals in Decatur, IL

Decatur Local Networks

Local Channel Network Affiliate Dish Channel
17 ABC WAND 7400
3 CBS WCIA 7401
20 NBC WICS 7402
55 Fox WRSP 7403
23 WB WBUI 7404
49 UPN WCFN 7405
51 PBS WEUI 7406
12 PBS WILL 7407
14 PBS WSEC 7408
15 NBC WICD 7409

Decatur residents can now take advantage of Dish Network satellite offers. Homeowners like you can take advantage of the huge savings that are being offered by Dish Network. These days saving money is a big deal. Take advantage of the fantastic new promotions available to you. Movies, Sports, Series Specials, Video Streaming, and interactive TV are just a few of the viewing options available with the brand new receivers. This amazing service will bring a smile to your face. HD DVR satellite receivers will enhance your Decatur IL Dish Network viewing pleasure.

Dish TV Service DRV Service
DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. A DVR is simply a state of art recorder that enables you to pause live TV, skip those annoying commercials, search for a movie by name, view TV in slow motion, click for instant replays, and much more. Dish TV Service is leading the field in the best DVR technology. Now for a low monthly price you can have the new cool receivers. Decatur homeowners are taking advantage of the competitively priced Dish Network service and receivers.

Decatur Illinois Dish Network Hopper™ DVR Highlights

  • 2TB Hard Drive = 2,000 Hours of Storage
  • Primetime Anytime Records 3 Hours of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC & Skips over Commercials!
  • With DISH App Transfer Your Recordings to Your Phone or Tablet and Watch Offline!
  • Our Decatur Dish TV Service customers love their advanced receivers!

Streaming Live Dish Network on The Go
So how does the Dish Network connect to your smart phone? It’s simple; connect your new Hopper™ HD DVR to the internet home network and download the Dish Network app to your phone and you are in business. Another advantage for our customers on the go is the ability to choose to watch shows or movies when you’re on the road. Too cool! If you have a Wi-Fi connection you can watch TV on your device with a touch of a button. Now when your flight at the airport is delayed you can watch a movie or the game. Technology is rapidly changing and Dish Network is committed to bringing you the best and latest technology there is.

Dish TV Service vs Cable in Decatur, Illinois

Your family will love TV service by Dish Network in Decatur, IL. More digital channels, more sports, more HD channels, and Dish Network’s super cool HD DVR’s that can record in every room.

Now twenty-four hours per day you can access 3D programming.


  H.G. Wells War of the Worlds
  Rating: R Duration: 94 Mins
  Starring:Thomas Howell, Jake Busey


ABC Splash Private Practice What You Do for Love Paid Programming
NBC Parks and Recreation Partridge All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Lightning Strikes Mr. Hang Brain The Jeff Probst Show Jennie Garth: 90210s Sweetheart on Life After Divorce
CBS Rachael Ray When to Clean What The 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards 48 Hours The Writing on the Wall
FOX The Simpsons Homer Goes to Prep School Seinfeld The English Patient Agele$$ Cooking
PBS Dinosaur Train Thats Not a Dinosaur; Tinys Garden Service: When Women Come Marching Home Imagemakers Living in Dangerous Times
TBS Married … With Children For Whom the Bell Tolls Killers Tyler Perrys House of Payne Whos Your Nanny
WGN Rules of Engagement Zygote 30 Rock Jack Gets in the Game Walker, Texas Ranger Point After
A&E CSI: Miami Meltdown Storage Wars Texas Bubba and the Chocolate Factory Duck Dynasty Of attresses and en
AMC Immortalized End of the World The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs The Three Stooges Three Missing Links
BIO The First 48 Straight Menace Paranormal State The Firehouse Paranormal State The Firehouse
SHO Josh Blue: Sticky Change The Help ouse of Lies Hostile Takeover
MAX DarkWolf Beatdown Hop


You will love the 3D nature shows, 3D movie channels and 3D sports.

Dish TV Service has great ratings among satellite providers. The local Decatur Cable TV provider is another big reason to switch to Dish Network. Simple put. You’ll have; More Choices, More Channels and Better Value. Dish Network satellite offers in Decatur IL are awesome!

Compare Dish Network, DirecTV and Cable Services
We can tell you what cable and satellite providers are in your local area, and let you know the differences between providers. One of the difference between satellite and cable is that only one cable provider is in your area. Cable companies in Decatur do not need to compete so they do not have to be competitive. Whether it’s Cox, Charter, Comcast, Time Warner of another provider they have the rights to those cable lines. The market has not been deregulated yet. Dish Network and DirecTV offer competitive national pricing. This is a great big advantage for you. Call us today and let us help you make a sound decision and save.

Decatur Sports Fans Rejoice!

Ask About DISH Multi-Sport Pack

  • NFL RedZone
  • NFL Network
  • NBA TV
  • NHL Network
  • MLB Network
  • MLB Strike Zone
  • FOX Soccer & Much More

Call for Multi-Sport Pack Pricing & Channels

Decatur IL Dish Network Sports are Awesome!

Yes Illinois Dish Network has all the sports options you could want. It’s that simple. Some to mention include NFL RedZone, MLB Network, NBA TV, Outdoor Channel, and Neo Cricket. Game time just got exciting!

On-Demand Shows & Movies with Dish Network
Now you can access on-demand channels with Dish Network. Whether you like HBO or reality series you can now view them “on-demand”. Relax and watch your favorite shows when you are ready with Dish Network. Pick your channels, series episodes or watch that movie you’ve been waiting for. On demand is a remarkable feature with Dish Network. Relax in the comfort of your family room and zip through the movie channels. Do you have a favorite show or actor? Demand them on your screen anytime you want.

On demand changes the way you watch TV. It is simple to access the On-Demand features of Dish Network. Simply connect your HD-DVR to the internet and get ready to stream the latest shows available today.

Installing Your Decatur IL Dish TV Service System

In the old days, the satellite dishes were big and bulky. You wouldn’t want to have those dishes anywhere where your neighbors or even you could see them, but you didn’t have a choice. Today’s satellite dish systems are small and can be mounted almost anywhere. You can hide them out of view and tuck them out-of-site. Many of your neighbors around Decatur may already have Dish Network. Pick a location similar to theirs and you are good to go.

On the day of install a qualified trained technician will arrive on time and ready to help you. He has knowledge of all the aspects of the installation, the newest technology. He will walk you through a site survey and explain the installation and make a recommendation on where the dish should be located. Most installations take between one to three hours to install. After the installation and setup of your new Dish Network service your trained installer will give you a demonstration and answer any questions you have. We know that you will enjoy your new Decatur, IL Dish Network Satellite service. Call us today to schedule installation as soon as tomorrow.

We Are Your Decatur, IL Dish Network Satellite Source

You have choices as to which retailer you receive your service from. Our Company has been selling and installing satellite TV for over twelve years. This is good news for you, the consumer. Call us and ask us about awesome Dish Network deals in Decatur. We are courteous and knowledgeable about satellites and the technology industry. We will honestly get you the best promotional plan and equipment that will fit your needs, without over selling extra add-ons. In today’s market you have a choice to choose between providers. Well almost! Maybe one thing you should know is that there is no competition between cable providers. The cable provider in your area is your only choice if you choose cable service. Whether it is Comcast Xfinity, Cox Cable, Time Warner Cable, Media Com or another cable company, they have the rights to those lines. They can offer you whatever channels and prices they want. Dish Network and DirecTV in Decatur compete with each other and with the cable companies for your business. This makes their prices more competitive. They are nationally priced and very affordable. Call us today to compare the prices. We are honest and educated about the services available in your area and nearby cities: Decatur Decatur Decatur Decatur Decatur Decatur Elwin Forsyth Harristown . Other service areas we cover around Macon County Latitude 39.85°N and Longitude 88.93°W