Referring your friends and family to DISH has awesome perks

$50 for Referral

Benefits of Referral Program

When you refer a friend both you and whomever you refer will receive $5 off your DISH bill for the next 10 months. That’s $50 for each of you! Why not take advantage of easy monthly savings? If you are a DISH customer you have probably spoken to friends and family about DISH. If they decide to make the switch take advantage of the referral program and save some cash!

How Referral Program Works

Want to Refer?

  • Visit and get your unique referral code
  • Call 888-959-4174 and give us your referrals contact info and your referral code
  • We will call your referral and enter your code when we place the order

Did Someone Refer You?

  • Call 888-959-4174 and tell us who referred you
  • We will call them and help them get their referral code
  • When placing your order we will enter the referral code and you both save!

Referring is Easy!

You know that DISH is great. With low monthly costs, awesome DVR technology and outstanding customer care, DISH has the cable companies beat. Whether you are visiting a friend to watch the game or just going over for dinner and a movie it is easy to bring up DISH. Ask your friend who they have as a TV provider and if they like it. Most people are paying way too much to their cable TV provider and will defiantly let you know. No one likes to overpay for a service. All that’s left for you to do is tell them how much you love DISH and tell them how much you are paying. That is usually all it takes to do a referral. Now your friend will love you for helping them save and you will love yourself for saving extra money off your bill.

Call 888-959-4174 to Refer!