High Speed Internet Specials – Available Where YOU Live!


If you are looking for high speed internet at your home, call us! We have traditional DSL cable and satellite internet for rural locations.

  • High speed Dish Network internet is now available almost everywhere in the country
  • Browse the internet with up to 15mbps download speed
  • DishNET satellite can be mounted at most locations
  • Combine your Dish TV with dishNET internet and receive a monthly bundle discount
  • Pick the speed and data plan that fits your family’s monthly usage
  • The best in rural internet service

Bundle your TV and Internet with DISH

  • Combine Dish network internet with America’s Top 120 or above, and receive $10/mo. discount
  • Spanish programming? DishLATINO Clásico or higher plus dish network internet $10/mo. Discount
  • Simplify your life with just 1 bill to pay
  • 24 hour dish network customer support
  • $120 a year savings

Dish Network Internet Installation

Great! You have made the decision to have dishNET installed in your home. Below is a check list of items you should have ready.

  • Have a computer or laptop ready
  • Pick the location you would like to have the modem (usually home office area)
  • Locate where existing cabling box is (usually near gas and electric meters)
  • Pick a location close to cabling or office for the dishNET dish
  • Make a list of any questions you may have

On the day of install a certified Dish Network satellite internet technician will arrive. He will do a site survey with you to locate the best spot for the dish to be mounted. You will need a clear line of sight; the dish signal will not go through trees or walls. Normally the dish will be attached to the eve of the roof or siding area if possible. Next the tech will check out your existing cabling to see if it can be used. If your home was built after 1980 the new dish internet service usually can use the existing RG-6 cabling installed in the walls. If not the Dish Network tech can run new wiring. The install will take 1-2 hours. Be sure to ask any of the questions you may have about the new dish internet service.

*Free installation subject to area and credit qualification. $14.95 internet price subject to availability. Price reflects bundle discount.