Troubleshooting Your Dish Network System

My box is not work right
You can reset the receiver by pressing the reset button under the front panel. If the receiver does not have a reset button you can unplug the dish reciever for 30 seconds, if this does not resolve your issue please call technical support at 888.236.2202.

Searching for satellite service error message
This error can in rare instances be caused by severe rain. The majority times this is caused by a simple loose connection. Trace the cable connections from the back of the receiver first, all the way out to the dish. Loosen and reconnect the fittings one at a time. Check the TV to see if you picture has returned. Please call for technical support if error is not resolved, a technician may need to be sent out.

There is not any picture or sound on my TV
99% of the time this is caused by the television being on the wrong input. Check the TV to sure your set is on the correct channel or input. Usually this would be the hdmi input for High definition televisions or channel 3 for standard televisions. If the problem continues please call for technical support.

There is picture but no sound
If you system has been installed with a surround system for audio, make sure the surround system is turned on and the proper input is selected for the DISH receiver. Still no sound, try resetting the box and checking connections.

My TV has little squares and the picture is freezing
Severe weather can cause picture pixelation, this should by very temporary. Still have intermittent pixelation. Check outside to see if there may be tree limbs or other obstructions in the satellites line of sight. Still have the picture problem? Try resetting the box. Please call for assistance if unable to fix problem.

What do I need for 3D viewing?
The DISH receiver’s will self detect if your television is 3D capable. Only 3D televisions will be able to receive the 3D broadcasts. If you TV is not 3D you will will be unable to use 3D services from DISH.

Will a power outage or surge effect my receiver?
Typically your system should be fine. However a power surge can damage electronic equipment. We suggest always connecting sensitive electronic components to a high quality surge protector. Also a outage or surge may flip your TV onto the wrong input channel or port. Check to make sure the television is on channel 3 or hdmi or whatever the input is supposed to be set to.