Affordable Connectivity Program and Satellite Internet Deals

Affordable Connectivity Program-This NEW Government program helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare and more.The benefit provides a discount of up to $30 per month toward internet service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands. We can walk you through the Government paper work to see if you qualify. Up to 30 % of households may qualify.
We know searching for an internet provider can also be a pain. Our mission is to provide you with truly great customer service and the best satellite internet available. Our staff is experienced and fully trained with current promotions. When you call in you can expect a friendly American operator to answer. They then will go over your internet goals and what speeds you want and price you would like to pay. We will offer the best price for the speed you want. Our team will let you know all the details to your new internet service. Including prices, speeds, promotions, equipment & installation cost. We know your time is valuable, we won’t waist it.

Our Job is to Serve You
We have been in the TV, internet, & phone business for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on servicing our customers to the best of our abilities. Each member of our staff has been trained to the fullest extent. They have access to online portals to provide you with the best deals out there. These portals allow our staff to give you a great deal and also protect any credit information. With encrypted SSL’s, WEP 2, and firewalls installed in each computer you can sleep well at night knowing your information is protected. We never solicit our customers. When you provide us with your phone number or email they will be only used to contact you for installation and inform you on important updates or issues with your account. Like we said, our job is to serve you!

A Little Internet History
Back in the 90s we saw the beginning of residential internet service. It seems like a long time ago but in scheme of thing that’s just a flash of time. The roaring 90s saw a lot of change. What started out as a data based information sharing tool for the government, evolved into an information resource for universities and colleges. As the popularity of the internet providers expanded, residential internet blossomed into the mega industry it is today. Dot com multiple million dollar companies have come and gone. One thing for sure is the internet carriers are set to be around for a long time.

We Now Specialize in Satellite Internet!
Our new Viasat (Exede) satellite internet service is set up to open up vast areas to truly high speed internet. Say good bye to slow download rates. This technology is poised to allow internet broadband access boom similar to the cable broadband revolution of the early 2000s. Today we have a society becoming more and more dependent on the information highway. Our home entertainment, video streaming, online gaming, banking, shopping and so much more is becoming a common online type of activity. Now thanks to Viasat (Exede), rural America can join the modern era of super fast internet providers!

Internet Providers Speeds, Installation, Wi-Fi, and More

Read this short page to fully understand exactly how this service works. From speeds offered, internet service installation, how to get Wi-Fi, and more! When you call in about our services you will then have an idea of what to ask and have a better understanding of our answer.

What Speed is Viasat (Exede) Internet?

Exactly how fast is the new Viasat (Exede) satellite internet provider? There are 3 speed options typically available. Viasat (Exede) offers 12, 25 and in some areas 30mbps speeds. Similar to dsl from the phone company Viasat (Exede) satellite internet services speed will be determined by your location. Today rural America has lagged behind the rest of the nation in conventional broadband services. Previously satellite broadband was 1 to 2mbps, this is faster than dialup but as internet providers have evolved to a more media type of service these slow download rates were painfully inadequate.

Installation Process

Many homes have already experienced satellite television service. The Viasat (Exede) dish can be mounted on a tripod, pole, or roof bracket similar to the television satellite dish mounting. The certified installation technician will need to do a quick site survey when he arrives. The technician and homeowner will locate a suitable site for the new dish antenna. After finding a mounting location, your Viasat (Exede) tech will run the appropriate cabling and setup the new satellite modem. Total install time will be around 3 hours.

Wireless Access for your Home

Internet can be turned into a wireless whole home solution with the simple addition of a router. The router is attached to the modem with a cord that looks somewhat like a wide telephone cord plug. This computer connection line is called an Ethernet line. Once the tech has activated the internet service the addition of the router will enable your wifi enabled laptops and portable wifi devices (Ipads and tablets) to connect to the web. Pretty amazing, your new dish is now bouncing your internet signal several thousand miles up, then back down, then back up, then back to your screen with the information you just queried. A router can be used with most internet providers, so even if you switch internet carriers you can still use your router to go wireless.

Satellite Internet Providers are Innovating!
Cable and telephone lines are being expanded every day. But, for those of us that are outside the city limits, satellite services are a must. With the new Viasat (Exede) service you can now stream up to 30 megabits per second! This is a huge leap from the old technology that could only stream up to 1. As history unfolds you can count on Viasat (Exede) satellite internet services to continue innovating and improving their equipment and systems to serve you better and faster internet.

Why Choose for your Internet Service?
We take care of our customers. Our all American staff is fully trained and very friendly. A&M Satellite serves to your needs and never tries to sell you something you simply do not want. Our team can look up your address and in a matter of minutes we can let you know all your possible options for internet. We know your time is valuable; we try to be as quick and precise as possible throughout the process without missing a detail. Our #1 goal to serve you. When you call in we let you know which internet services are available, the exact promotional price and regular rate, the upload and download speeds, if there is any charges for modems or other equipment, installation costs, and any agreements involved. We take pride in educating our customers as well as offering you the lowest prices possible.