Internet Service Set Up, Installation, Equipment FAQ

Is Exede Right for Me?
Exede is right for you if you are out where cable and DSL does not cover. If you are in town and have access to cable and DSL you may want to look into other options.
Installation Day
When hooking up new broadband internet service from the ISP, the providers technician will activate the service to your home. The technician will then install your new modem at the location you have selected, typically the cable or DSL outlet nearest your home computer. A simple call to the providers office and your new service will be up and going. Total install time is usually around 30-45 minutes.
What Does it Cost to Get Set Up?
Set up cost vary by plan and location. Typically installation costs are $30 for our cable and DSL plans. There usually is no down deposit required.
Are There Any Contracts?
Normally there are no contacts involved with cable and DSL. For our rural customers getting Exede, there will be a two year contract required. Call in to confirm.
Wireless Internet Service in Your Home
If you require a wireless network you will also need to install a router. A simple wire will connect from the modem to your router. Many devices today are capable of receiving the internet signal through wifi. Routers can be purchased at your local electronic stores. Most routers are compatible with all cable, DSL, and satellite internet services.
What is a Modem?
In simple terms the modem decodes the internet information within the internet providers coaxial RG-6 cable into internet signal your computers, laptop, Ipad, smartphones can use. Much like the familiar digital cable TV box decodes the digital TV signal for your television service. Typically the modem will be the newer Docsis 3.0 model. Older Docsis 2.0 models are still available however to best utilize the faster speeds you will want to use the most up to date modem.
Do I Need a Modem?
Cable, DSL & satellite internet services require a modem. Typically you can rent a modem for a small monthly fee or you can provide your own. Current promotions may enable you to get a modem for free.
What’s coaxial?
Coaxial cable is the cable lines running in your homes walls that carry the cable TV and broadband internet signal. In newer homes the coaxial should be RG-6 cable. Some older homes may still have the older RG-59 coaxial cabling. The cable technician will be able to tell the difference. The increased bandwidth of broadband internet and HD TV will require the larger RG-6 coaxial. Most home built since the 80s should be wired with the newer RG-6 coaxial cable.
What about Satellite Internet?
The nice thing about satellite internet is for those outside the city limits unable to get DSL or cable service, satellite is available. Satellite internet services now streams at 12 mbps! Prices start at $49/mo and installation is typically $50. Satellite internet services do have a data limit. For customers inside city limits able to receive cable or Dsl we do not recommend satellite internet. For more information call in and ask us about satellite internet provider options.

Still Have Questions?
We have operators available 24/7. Call us anytime at 1-888-282-0551. We would love to help you with any internet service questions you may have.