Low Cost Cable, DSL and Satellite Internet Providers

Having an internet connection is essential for every day life in 2014. People these days go online to watch the news, stream movies, pay bills, check banking accounts, do research for projects and a lot more. Almost anything you can image can be done online.

Residential internet has been around for a while now. The main difference from then and now is speed! We know you don’t like to wait around for a file to download or wait while a movie buffers. Our cable, DSL and satellite internet services are blazing fast. In this tech age slow speeds should be against the law. But the average person still only receives 1-3mbps. You deserve better! Depending on your area we can offer you upwards of 100mbps! Even our satellite internet for rural customers come in at a blazing 12mbps! Call one of our authorized representatives today to see how you can get high speed internet at your home.

Cable Internet Providers

Cable internet services are the best option for fast internet service in most areas. Cable is available in most populated areas and can offer speeds that allow you to stream video, play games and connect multiple devices simultaneously. With cable you also have the ability to bundle with television and phone services but if you only want internet, no problem! We have great deals on cable internet, call us and make sure to ask about your local cable internet service provider today. Most plans are contract free and have minimal start up costs.

DSL Internet Services

Provided by your local phone company, DSL is a great option for a reliable internet connection. Some popular DSL providers to mention include AT&T, Frontier, Quest, CenturyLink and Windstream. In most areas you can get Dry loop internet service, which means you do not have to have phone service. DSL speeds strongly depend on the area but generally ranges anywhere from 1-6mbps. This speed is great for surfing the internet but you may have problems with streaming high quality video. Call us today to see which speed your home can receive from the local DSL provider in your area.

Satellite Internet for Rural Homes

Satellite internet is now better than ever. Previously if you had satellite you would receive around 1-2mbps. This speed was good for getting online but if you wanted to stream a popular YouTube video it wasn’t ideal. The good news is, you can now get satellite internet with speeds of up to 12mbps! This speed is great for anything you want to do online. Stream videos, chat on Facebook, download pictures, you name it. With satellite your home can be located anywhere. All you need is a solid line of sight to the satellite in the sky and you will be up and connected. Satellite internet is not available in all areas so if your home is out of town call us and ask us how satellite internet can meet your online needs!